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Jiangsu Kingday Textile Co. Ltd


We are one of the leading home textile manufacturers and exporters!

Kingday Textile Co., Ltd – a modern, dynamic company dealing with manufacture of single, double and baby blankets made of 100% polyester yarn.

Kingday Textile Co., Ltd production capacities are situated in Lianshui town of Huai’an in Jiangsu province, China. Production lines for Knitting, Printing, Dyeing, Trimming and Packaging cover an area of 101,147 square meters. The company workforce estimates of over 600 skilled people turning out high-grade polyester single and double ply blankets, with production capacity of over 11000 tons and 3 million pieces annually. The company has total assets of over RMB 110 million.

The Kingday Textile Co., Ltd factory is ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System) certified. Every production process from knitting, dyeing, polishing, stitching, carving to packaging is conducted under one roof hence ensuring superior and stable quality with highly competitive pricing.

Kingday Textile Co., Ltd, with headquarters in Shanghai (China), exports its textile products almost all over the world – from the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa to Australia, Europe and the United States, and has an extensive distribution network in Algeria, Bangladesh, Spain, Morocco, Kuwait, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

The shipping volume has given leverage in getting the lowest freight cost to global destinations, which are passed to buyers. Nearest ports are Lianyungang and Qingdao.

Consistent commitment for quality and service has enabled us to earn high reputations and good prestige in domestic as well as overseas markets. Each design is executed with utmost care. Textile products of Kingday Textile Co., Ltd are distinguished by the characteristics of fine quality, super soft feeling, warm cozy comfort, bright colors, and beautiful designs.

Currently, the company is manufacturing regular and super soft 1ply and 2ply blankets in 100% polyester, weighting from 800gms to 8kg. The company sales team is always eager to listen and learn from partners, and in return the company provides an unmatched quality product to help them lead their respective markets. Making a purchase of home textiles from a recognized brand «Kingday», not only you receive just a product, but guaranteed warmth and comfort!